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Here, all your personal informations are displayed and may be changed if necessary.

The following is displayed

  • In the field “Title” your name is displayed. If it is written incorrectly just fill in your correct name.
  • In “Primary Group” you see the group where you belong to. All files and folders you create belong to this group if not changed.
  • The list of groups displayed in “Member Group(s)” are all groups where you have additional membership.
  • Owl Intranet is available in more than twenty languages. In the field “Language” choose your preferred language. If your language is missing please contact the administrator.
  • There are different button styles available. Choose whatever you like.
  • To change you password you have to enter your old password in the field “Old Password”.
  • In the field “New Password” enter you new password. Be careful in choosing a good password that contains numbers as well as letters in small and big caps. Don't use any word from that can be found in a dictionary as your password.
  • It is crucial that your e-mail address is correctly written in the field “E-Mail Address” as Owl Intranet may send you your password if forgotten. You may change your e-mail address by typing your new one into the field, e.g.
  • If you would like to receive notifications about files and folders such as “new file uploaded” or “file updated” by e-mail mark the field “Receive Notifications”.
  • If you want to receive your notifications with the file concerned attached to your notification just mark the field “Attach File”.
  • Mark the field “Comment Notification” if you want to receive any comments made by other users as e-mail.
  • The field “News Administrator” displayes your status concering news administration. If “YES” is displayed you may generate news for the users of your group. These news are then displayed if the members of your group login into Owl Intranet.

After you have changed anything in your preferences click on the button “Change”. To reset the form push the button “Reset”.

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